From the recording The Last Vibrations of Summer

I was performing this song before I started recording my earliest music. It originally appeared as a sort of pop song with a beat on my debut album “Riding Double” by Wilfred N & the Grown Men. This one is closer to my earliest version.


We Could Have Made Films
by Wilfred Kozub

We could have made films
Our love, our movement so smooth
Everywhere beneath the empty skies
We sheep, like little lost sheep,
Cannot be found by our masters

We could have made films
Dressed in faded finery, poised
Dryly picturesque we sit silently
On stairs that meet the street

Watching nervous neon signs
Where the nightbugs frenzy and fry
And in the hot humidness
We avoid our sticky rooms
And go to the park

We could have made films
Between stops of breath
We soak in our existence and bed down
Exhausted then we sleep

Life unfolds and love will arise
Though like weathered sand fences
We bend in the wind
We’ll never give in

And the pictures only imitate
What we can intimate
All this our love and more

Copyright, ©, 1978, by Wilfred Kozub