Edmonton’s Wilfred Kozub has a long history of making rock and pop music sprinkled with innovation and electronic experimentation. In 2017, his band Wilfred N and the Grown Men released Passing Through Time, a fitting 10th  album for their 33 1/3 anniversary! 
As Edmonton journalist Mike Ross said some years ago about the work of Wilfred N & the Grown Men, “This lush and accessible pop music transcends trends yet doesn’t sound dated. It is timeless yet timely. Neat trick.” This is as true now as it was then. 

Wilfred N & the Grown Men grew out of the New Wave music phenomenon of the early 80s. After years of playing cover tunes by bands like Bruce Woolley and the Camera Club, David Bowie, Talking Heads, and Elvis Costello, Wilfred turned to making his own music, and he did it on his own terms, on his own record label, Zönik Records. That was back in 1984 when he and his band mate, Jamie Philp, pioneers of the DIY record label scene, hunkered down in Kozub’s basement recording studio to produce a string of radio singles and the early album that spawned the hits "I Could Get Closer To You" and the still-well-loved title track, "Thunder on the Tundra". Since their debut vinyl album, Riding Double, they have continued to produce original music. 

Wilfred hasn’t stopped. Following the new Passing Through Time album by Wilfred N & the Grown Men he is working on his next solo instrumental album. He also continues to produce his original artwork and photography (the source of all his album covers) that you can find on this website. 
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