Wilfred N & the Grown Men / Wilfred Kozub 
on Zönik Records (except for compilation tracks)  

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Title                                                     Format                       Released                Catalogue #  
Passing through Time                         CD album                      2017                            ZNK1601  

What’s Gonna Become of Us         CD album                       2015                            ZNK1501 
Nobody Has To Know b/w                 CD single                       2014                            ZNK1401 
Playing in the Mud 

I’m In Love with the City                    CD album                      2013                             ZNK1301  
Take out Menu                                        CD album                      2009                            ZNK0902 
(Best-of compilation)                             
Stop Go Romeo                                      CD album                      2009                            ZNK0901  
New Music Sampler #39 from         sampler CD track      2005  
Magnet Magazine, Issue #69, 
Track: “I Never Get Tired Of You”    
InRadio #10 audio magazine               sampler CD track       2004 
Track:  "Monkey See Monkey Do" 

New Music Sampler #35 from            sampler CD track       2004 
Magnet Magazine, Issue #65 
Track: "I Think About"              
Waiting For Luck to Come                  2-CD album                 2003                         ZNK0301-A+B 
Day off                                                          CD album                    1995                           ZNKCD9501  
Beautify                                                       CD album                    1992                            ZNKCD9201 

Lift off                                                           CD album                    1990                            ZNKCD9001 
Lift off                                                            Cassette tape            1990                          ZNKCS9001  
Oh Honey b/w                                           7” vinyl single              1989                           ZNK18901 
Thunder on the Tundra (VidMix)   

Indian Summer b/w                                 7” vinyl single               1987                          ZNK18702 
News from Venezuela                    
Sailing On A Cruiser b/w                    7” vinyl single                 1987                           ZNK18701    
Thunder On The Tundra          
Thunder On The Tundra                       12” vinyl LP                     1987                           ZNK08701  
I Could Get Closer To You b/w            7” vinyl single                1985                           ZNK18501    
I Can’t Get The Nerve       
Riding Double                                     12” vinyl 6-song EP             1984                           ZNK08401


Passing through Time 

What’s Gonna Become of Us  
Nobody Has To Know b/w
Playing in the Mud  

I’m In Love with the City

Format                       Released                Catalogue
CD album                  2017                       ZNK1601   

CD album                  2015                       ZNK1501  
CD single                   2014                       ZNK1401  

CD album                  2013                        ZNK1301