1. Sad Sad Sad

From the recording The Last Vibrations of Summer

I wrote his song and recorded it somewhere in the transition from my analog studio to digital. I forgot about it for quite a while. I remember that I had decided to NOT put it out on a record. The reason? I found it too sad, and I wasn’t in the mood for sad songs on any album that I was then working on. I didn’t want my listeners to thing I was a gloomy guy. Recently though, I have been listening to it again and finding that it’s actually quite a beautiful and a pretty different song. It had to be on this album.


Sad, Sad, Sad
by Wilfred Kozub

I retired from the day with a smile
All the trust in the world I was wearing
I awoke from a piece of a dream
That was brilliantly flashing and daring

And I bravely faced a new day
Holding onto a glimpse – in a way –
Of the heavenly truth
And trying to keep up my youth

Every day I try to be bold
Carry on when I know there’s no hope
Every time that I finally win
Turn around and I’ve lost it again

But I know it’s true
All I want from love is loving you
That’s all I really want to do

Don’t wanna make you cry
Don’t wanna bum your world
Cause I want you to be
In the spirit that you should be, girl

Sad sad sad
I love you, I love you, I love

There’s some truth to be found in this song
Even though it’s supposed to be fiction
So many broken dreams
Only a miracle could ever fix them

And the voices in my brain
Are keeping me awake again

And it makes me sad when you pretend your happy.
And just like you, I’m faking it too.
Copyright, ©, 2016, by Wilfred Kozub