From the recording The Last Vibrations of Summer

On the tail end of the pandemic, I felt I owed it to
myself to finally get a good acoustic guitar. While I was playing around with my new guitar I remembered, out-of-the-blue, that early Beatles song, “There’s a Place”. I became aware of how enchanting the lyrics and melody really were, and I chose to forget the
original version altogether and just concentrate on those basic elements. When I started recording it, things happened. An entirely new feel, new mood, and new sound emerged. It’s funny the way things can happen but, as I was recording, I noticed a harmonica sitting on my desk that had probably been there for years and had not been played in recent memory. I tried the harmonica in a part of the song, and it turned out to be in D Major ... just like the key I chose for my recording session. Later I looked to another part of my desk covered in notes and lyric bits, and underneath I found my hand-held-size Korg Monotron. I gave it a try in a couple random spots in the song. Perfect. I love my version of “There’s a Place,” and I can’t wait for people to hear it.
Copyright, ©, 1963, by Lennon & McCartney