From the recording The Last Vibrations of Summer

When a group of entrepreneurs was hoping to build a sky gondola to carry people from the north
to the south side of our river valley, my wheels started turning. I began writing a song about the feeling of floating above the city and over the treetops. As I was recording this piece, things took a turn, and a sinister feeling crept in.
Our city didn’t get the gondola, but I got a song.


The Gondola Ride
by Wilfred Kozub

Floating above the city
Over the water
To the other side

Soaring beyond the cover
Where all the secrets
End up in the night

Why do I sigh? (Why?)
(I know why …)
Because I’m floating
Over the treetops
Under the clouds
I can disappear

Copyright, ©, 2022, by Wilfred Kozub