From the recording Impossible World

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I wrote and recorded “Waiting for the Sun” in 2019. I released this as part of a small digital collection of songs in the same year. It was intended as one of the first singles for an upcoming album that was to be titled “We’ll Get There”. 2020, then 2021 came along, and you all know what happened. Things got delayed. The album is finally coming out in summer 2022 with a new title – “Impossible World”. “Waiting for the Sun” is on the new album, and it’s unveiled in miniature with the opening track, “Prelude to the Sun”.
Waiting for the Sun – It’s retro. It’s the future. This new Wilfred N folk song gets the synth pop treatment … cheerfully mysterious with an added potion of psychedelia.
“The sun that makes me feel everything more real … I’m waiting for the sun.”
This is another one of those songs where I woke up one morning with the tune, complete with the words ‘waiting for the sun,’ in my head. I sang it right away into my iPhone voice recorder to capture the feel and vibe behind the song ‘right now’. I put the recording aside until probably a few months later when I rediscovered it.
I came across the beginnings of Waiting For the Sun that I had recorded on my voice recorder, along with a few other little song ideas of mine that I found. I still liked it and thought it was important to get it done. I worked really hard on this particular song. It seemed so easy and folky but I didn’t want to be lazy and get lured into singing lyrics that weren’t really happening for me. I wrote and re-wrote little phrases over and over until I got something that had meaning for me and yet sounded natural and ‘real’. I feel I was successful.
One day while I was recording some of the parts for my song, I found myself musing about another song lurking somewhere in the recesses of my memory – a song that I thought might have some kind of connection with Waiting For the Sun. I couldn’t remember the name of the song or who performed it, so I Googled a line or two that I thought I remembered from the song. I came up with “A Summer Song” by Chad and Jeremy. I had forgotten about them.
When I heard that song again for the first time in many years, it felt like this was the essence of the sound and sentiment that I was going for in my own tune, Waiting For the Sun. The Chad and Jeremy song became a kind of template for the glistening, breezy sound I was after. It was a simple folk song, but I needed to bring in a few things – like those percolating synth parts – to capture the feel I was after.


When the sun
Awakes me to my day
And every day
Not just another day
The sun that makes me feel
Everything more real
When the sun, when the sun . . .
I’m waiting for the sun

Behind the moon
They found another moon
And a world hidden from our view
Lost without a name
Where no one ever came
Another world . . . another moon
Waiting for the sun

Let the morning sunshine in your eyes
Burn the fog away
Open up your heart, it’s going to be
Another perfect day

When the sun
Is hidden by the rain
And the rain
Is dribbling down the drain
I know there’s hope for me
When it all comes down on me
When the sun, when the sun . . .
I’m waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun