1. Thunder 2020

From the recording Impossible World

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“Thunder 2020” had a limited digital release in 2019 in its current version.
Thunder 2020 is a new take on the original Wilfred N and the Grown Men song Thunder on the Tundra. It’s a little more like the way Jamie Philp and I perform it as a duo lately. Why 2020? … The title Thunder 2020 was originally my working title for a new full album, which will now be called ‘We’ll Get There’. *
The original Thunder on the Tundra was the title song of our 12-inch vinyl album that we put out in 1987. I987 has remained a memorable year for me because it was the year that “everything happened”. It was the year that our city of Edmonton had a devastating tornado; I bought a new van with hail stone marks on the roof (I got a deal!) from Tornado Day; our beloved Oilers hockey team won the Stanley Cup; I put out the album Thunder on the Tundra on vinyl, we made a video of the title track, and one of the album’s songs – I Could Get Closer To You – was a minor Canadian hit on over 100 stations across the country.
I have a curious feeling that 2020 is also going to be another year that “everything happens”.
I hope it’s good stuff. **
• Note: The preceding was written in 2019 in anticipation of the release in 2020 of a full album titled “We’ll Get There”. The album didn’t come out in 2020. It’s now 2022 and the album will finally be released this summer. The album title is not as originally planned. Things happened. It is now called “Impossible World”.
** 2020 did turn out to be “the year that everything happens,” but it was not as I had imagined! (Not good stuff)


You never know where you have been before
But now you wonder
You’ll never find it where it was before
Blown under cover

You never know who you may come upon
On the tundra
You never know if there’ll be anyone
On the tundra

Thunder on the tundra, thunder on the tundra

You may forget where you have wandered from
On the tundra
She found me lost where I had never come
On the tundra

She stepped out of the midnight sheet of sun
My first sighting
She walked toward me and my heart was struck
Like lighting

Thunder on the tundra, thunder on the tundra

I think, I think of you
I watch, I watch for you
I dream, I dream of you – I stand motionless for you

Thunder on the tundra, thunder on the tundra