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Waiting For the Sun

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I woke up one morning to the words, complete with melody, ringing in my ears – 'when the sun, when the sun . . . I'm waiting for the sun'. I thought I had better do something about it 'right now' so I sang my new tune idea into my iPhone voice recorder. Months later, when I was reviewing my voice recorder notes, I came across a few song ideas that I thought were worth pursuing. Waiting For the Sun was one of them. It sounded like a simple folk song to me, but the words didn't come easy. I worked hard at trying to maintain the simplicity of the lyrics without making them sound fake. In the end I was happy with the result.


Waiting For the Sun
by Wilfred Kozub

When the sun
Awakes me to my day
And every day
Not just another day
The sun that makes me feel
Everything more real
When the sun, when the sun . . .
I’m waiting for the sun

Behind the moon
They found another moon
And a world hidden from our view
Lost without a name
Where no one ever came
Another world . . . another moon
Waiting for the sun

Let the morning sunshine in your eyes
Burn the fog away
Open up your heart, it’s going to be
Another perfect day

When the sun
Is hidden by the rain
And the rain
Is dribbling down the drain
I know there’s hope for me
When it all comes down on me
When the sun, when the sun . . .
I’m waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun

Copyright, ©, 2019, by Wilfred Kozub (SOCAN)