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I Never Get Tired Of You

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There's a lot of different stuff going on in this song . . . opening with my piano figure, and then a whole lot of Hawaiian steel guitar and ukulele. That's not to say that this is a Hawaiian song, but those elements are certainly prominent and they're played, once again, by my Hawaii-loving pal, Jamie Philp. One of the parts that I really dig in this song is the 'lost in the jungle' section in the middle. This section started off as primarily a drum rhythm, but I abandoned it and instead went exploring on some other interesting sounds, including the wild analog synth stuff you can hear. It's like walking into a time/space warp for a moment. Do you dig it?


I Never Get Tired Of You
by Wilfred Kozub

I see you in the mornin’
We wake up to the sun
I see you when I go to bed
When the working day is done

We walk into the daylight
And right out of the blue
You say this is the good life
And I never get tired of you – I never get tired of you

I believe you when you say to me
That I am just the best
And I don’t care if you lie to me,
You’re not like all the rest

And I’ll take a lot of pressure
And I’ll take all your abuse
And it really doesn’t make sense
But I never get tired of you – I never get tired of you

There’s nothing like the silence
Of nothing left to say
And even if you mean it
You’re not having your own way

But I’ll listen and I’ll take it
Until I’m black and blue
And I’m shaken and exhausted,
But I never get tired of you – I never get tired of you

Copyright, ©, 2002, 2010 by Wilfred N. Kozub/Zönik Music Productions (SOCAN)