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My Sony Radio

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"My Sony Radio" was the first of three songs that I wrote around a bossa nova rhythm I constructed on a drum machine. I decided to write three songs around the same drum pattern. The other two songs were "Without You" and "Destinations Possible", and all three made it onto our 2003 2-cd album titled Waiting For Luck To Come.
"My Sony Radio" is a true story around my infatuation with a little Sony radio I bought while on a holiday with my wife and kids in Andorra. (See my painting "My Radio" at "The Wilfred Kozub Art & Ponder" . . . http://wilfredkozub.tumblr.com/). I'm in love with radio in general, but this one was perfect . . . good at nap time when I could perch it on my shoulder as I'm drifting off . . . maybe listening to some exotic music on short wave . . . or maybe listening to hockey on our local Edmonton Oilers station. After dropping my radio a few too many times, it more or less packed it in. I've been unable to find a small portable radio quite like it. Perfect weight, perfect size. Looking cool. And an interesting thing happened a couple years ago. My pal in Wilfred N & the Grown Men, Jamie Philp, made a sweet home video of "My Sony Radio" featuring some of his favourite vintage radios and posted it on YouTube (you can see it on our video page). At one point I posted a picture of the actual Sony radio, and I received an email from someone in Argentina (TRUE STORY) who saw it. He wrote to ask me if I still had the radio and if I would sell it to him! Unfortunately, I had to give him the news that I had searched far and beyond for the exact replacement, and it was no longer to be found. Oh . . . and btw, I recorded an instrumental version of this song titled . . . (no commitment to Sony!) . . . simply, "My Radio". NOW . . . as if I haven't blabbed enough about this song already, Jamie played guitars on this . . . and also upright bass. (We shall overdub!!!) Someone left behind an old plywood bass at my house for the summer, so Jamie hopped on it and played it on this tune. And that's Marek Tyler on his hybrid drum kit.


My Sony Radio
by Wilfred Kozub

When I was in England and on my way to Spain
I landed in Andorra to get out of the rain
‘ bought a little Sony and I called it mine
Put it on my shoulder, it’s with me all the time

And I listen softly to hear
The sound of music comes in so clear
From all around the world
When I’m on a holiday or I’m right here at home

I tune into London and listen for a trend
‘Cause the latest version is coming to an end
Turn the dial to Paris, I do a little dance
To a bossa nova – or some Latin Jazz

I love to hear the way that they speak
Whether it’s Italian or Greek
It doesn’t matter, I just go with the rhythm and the flow
On my Sony Radio

Come in Rio . . . calling Tokyo . . . Monte Carlo . . . Pirate Radio!
Whether on the shortwave or the medium band
The weather or a talk show – I’m a major fan

Radio, it’s fillin’ my time
And it’s such a good friend of mine
I’m never all alone – with the rhythm and the flow
Of my Sony radio . . . my radio
Sony radio . . . Sony radio . . . my Sony radio