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There's Nothing Wrong With Me

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By accident I was born into a world of changes.


There’s Nothing Wrong With Me
By Wilfred Kozub

I was a quiet kid
Not someone you’d ever know
Living inside my head
In a land of the ice and snow

Once in a while when I came out
I would give a great big shout
That I though someone would hear

By accident I was born
Into a world of changes
Just like someone’s life
In another land of strangers

Nothing special . . .
Just the usual crises that I keep to myself
There’s no worries

It’s so windy here the birds won’t fly
It’s so cold that you could almost die
And I’m livin’ for the great by and by

No, there’s nothing the matter with me
This world’s just in a fix
Maybe luck is right around the corner
It’s just a cosmic blip
Nothin’ that good karma can’t recover

The sun is setting on
My dearest melodies
I’ve got the tv on
All my favorite memories

Nothing new is coming out
But ‘least I’ve got something

I don’t worry that the sun don’t shine
I never have to close my blinds
There’s nothing that could blow my mind
So forget it
That’s right

There’s nothing the matter with me
That a perfect world can’t put in order

Choogalooga choogalooga
Yeah . . . choogalooga

The water’s gone south, but
We can buy it back . . . we can buy it back

There’s nothing wrong with me
And you’re not any better than me

Copyright, ©, 2007, 2008, by Wilfred Kozub/Zönik Music Productions (SOCAN)