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Thunder On The Tundra

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This is the classic 1987 version associated with the cult favourite video. Here's a little something to think about: We're currently working on a low key, lo fi, stripped down version of Thunder on the Tundra (working title Thunder 2020) that will make the scene at some point before 2020 . . . not sure when, but it's essentially done and it's a gooder.

Thunder on the Tundra seems to be a lot more popular now than it was when it was recorded in the 80s. I think our video (also more popular now) may have something to do with that. This is the version of the song that we recorded for the video . . . it's shorter than the album version and, in my opinion, just a little more . . . foobah woobah, if you know what I mean. The originals were on 7-inch and 12-inch vinyls (the 12-inch Thunder On The Tundra album). This vid-mix version was reissued on our 2010 retrospective cd compilation of Wilfred N faves titled "Take Out Menu"


THUNDER on the Tundra
by Wilfred Kozub

You never know where you have been before
But now you wonder
You’ll never find it where it was before
Blown under cover

You never know who you may come upon
On the tundra
You never know if there’ll be anyone
On the tundra


YOU MAY FORGET where you have wandered from
On the tundra
SHE FOUND ME LOST where I had never come
On the Tundra

SHE STEPPED OUT of the midnight sheet of sun
My first sighting
She walked toward me and my heart was struck
Like lighting


I THINK, I think of you
I WATCH, I watch for you
I DREAM, I dream of you – I stand motionless for you