1. JR In The City

From the recording I'm In Love With the City

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JR In The City

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JR In The City . . . JR – that’s what we call ‘im! He’s my little buddy. We made a lot of records together in my basement studio, back when you had to do everything in real time and there were a lot of moves to get right after many audio gesture rehearsals. Jamie is always up for whatever wacky idea I have going on. This time, he brought in some of his own crazeee ideas. We recorded some initial tracks with Jamie playing some simple, tasteful parts on
guitar synth. Then he brought in a little collection of his audio field recordings from his many visits to New York City. It’s idiosyncratic stuff. Rare and
unusual. The cabbie is a treasure. We love him. And we love the street vendor who can’t figure out how to dress for the weather when the weather report seems to keep getting it wrong!


I’m In Love With The City
by Wilfred Kozub

I’m in love with the city – mmm mmm
lost my time in the city – mmm mmm
– mmm mmm mmm mmm
fought for life in the city – mmm mmm
night life shone in the city – mmm mmm
livin’ my life, livin’ my life
hung around in the city – mmm mmm
hunker down in the city – mmm mmm
crawl space in the city – mmm mmm
smear my face sinister sounds in the city regular in the city
boner city

Copyright, ©, 2010, by Wilfred Kozub (SOCAN)