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Nik Is In The City

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Hang in right to the ending on this one and you will be rewarded!! Here is the 'exploration' version of "I'm In Love With The City" that NIk 7 created for me. Nik Is In The City . . . I was hoping that Nik would use some of the sounds that he captured when his band, Shout Out Out Out Out, were resident artists at the National Music Centre in Calgary, exploring their vast playground of vintage synthesizers. When I finally got to hear Nik Is In The City (Nik worked on it in the secrecy of his own studio), I was exhilarated. A new conga rhythm was a surprise, but everything that followed was even more surprising. The song becomes dreamlike, especially with the end section where the EMS Synthi 100 snakes through the mix amongst Nik’s Moog Voyager swooshes. It’s the coolest!

Visit the NMC’s collection here:
See the video of Shout Out Out Out Out talking about their NMC experience here:


I’m In Love With The City
by Wilfred Kozub

I’m in love with the city – mmm mmm
lost my time in the city – mmm mmm
– mmm mmm mmm mmm
fought for life in the city – mmm mmm
night life shone in the city – mmm mmm
livin’ my life, livin’ my life
hung around in the city – mmm mmm
hunker down in the city – mmm mmm
crawl space in the city – mmm mmm
smear my face sinister sounds in the city regular in the city
boner city

Copyright, ©, 2010, by Wilfred Kozub (SOCAN)