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Nobody Has To Know

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"Nobody Has To Know" is the A-song of the Spring Single 2014 cd. Chimes, fat synths, some rhythmic guitar groove bits by me and some gigantic guitar swoops by Jamie Philp make an intriguing backdrop for my vocals . . . which were pretty much made up on the spot as I was doing some not-very-well-disguised soul searching while recording/writing. Maybe the singer guy sounds kinda discouraged, but . . . ultimately, it's triumphant.


Nobody Has To Know
by Wilfred Kozub

Everyday I start my day
just like everybody else
I smile when people pass me by
They’ll think I feel good about myself

Maybe I’m forgettable
Maybe I’m a sorry soul
What if I’m not even a contender?
I don’t know

Nobody has to know
Nobody has to know

I don’t need to be in the limelight
When I can stay underground with you
‘cause the two of us is magic
You and me and me and you

There’s a world inside the world
That’s where I want to be
Just float down the silent streets
When real life is too much like it seems

Nobody has to know
Nobody has to know

No rain
please no more rain

I’m ready now for sunlight
Keep to the business of getting ahead
And when you help me rise above myself
I can get out of my head

I need your inspiration
To keep in good condition
. . . and some proper nutrition

Nobody has to know
Nobody has to know