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  1. Pluto
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There was big news about Pluto in 2016. Even though the little ‘planet’ on the periphery of our solar system got declassified to a ‘dwarf planet’ in the Kuiper belt – a bummer, for sure – it turns out that Pluto, under close examination, is extremely cool!
Astronomers were freaking out over new images that showed just how stunningly intriguing the little guy actually is. When I wrote this song, I was thinking of Pluto, of course. And some time after the song was done, I noticed that my little Pluto story has an autobiographical element to it. Funny how that happens!

Credits: I sang this song mostly in falsetto. It didn’t come as easy as it was when I was much younger. But . . . not bad. I played the keyboard parts, played some of the guitar parts, snapped my fingers, and generally provided the vibe. Jamie Philp added to my groove beautifully with his cosmic guitar playing. And Clint Frazier played the Simmons tympani-like parts and cymbal crashes to make Pluto sound like a titan way out there in space. The low voice guy on “so – ho – cold” and “I’m home” is Ryan Christian Anderson from the Edmonton band F&M. Ryan’s session with me wasn’t planned. He and his wife/band mate Rebecca were over at our house talking about art . . . and Portugal. We had quite a bit of wine, and then we started talking about music. I remembered then that I had this song “Pluto” where I needed a lower voice than I could muster myself. I asked Ryan if he would come up ‘right now’ and sing a few lines on my song. He did it in manly fashion, and what you hear on this track is what we got. I’m super happy that we took a few moments to get Ryan’s voice on Pluto.


Pluto (3:24)
by Wilfred Kozub

I didn’t have to be another superstar
How many do we need?
Sometimes it’s like I’m floating in a Kuiper belt
And I don’t know what that means
Sometimes . . . I feel . . . I’ve been left out in the cold . . .

Pluto – so o cold
Pluto – so o cold
Pluto – so o cold
Pluto – so o cold
Pluto – so o cold
                          – so o cold

It’s not so great to be declassified
When no one notices at all
Yeah it really, really, really is impossible
To have a pulse at all

It’s hopeless sometimes – silence is deafening
Mostly it feels like nothing is ever happening

(Pluto, Pluto, Pluto . . . my little Plutino)

Pluto (I’m home)
Pluto (I’m home) Come home
Pluto Come home . . . Come home

Copyright, ©, 2015, by Wilfred Kozub (socan)