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It's Spring! (vocal version)

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When you listen to this, you will no doubt get it . . . Spring is my favourite time of year.
The air smells so fresh and alive, especially when the young light green leaves come out on everything in our river valley. One spring day, a flock of Bohemian Waxwings came onto the wide street in front of our house to splash in puddles of freshly melted snow from a late spring storm. Delirious from gorging themselves on fermented Mountain Ash berries, the birds were in a frenzy and let me get in close with my camera. It was dazzling!

I sang various parts on this tune, and I played a lot of synth stuff too. My guitar parts were played on my old Fender Malibu acoustic (hi-strung tuning) and on my Gibson Firebird. I also shook a shaker or two and played a couple of my older Hohner harmonicas. Jamie Philp is on the banjo you hear near the end of the song – strumming and picking. He told me it’s his Gold Tone (Whyte Lady) banjo. I described to Jamie what I was looking for and he did exactly what I was imagining. This really gave my song a lift. And you can’t miss the terrific flugelhorn and trumpet parts (with a mute) that Bob Tildesley brought into this song. I especially like his ‘fluttering’ flugelhorns just as the song leads into the final vocal harmonies . . . wish it could always be sprinnnng!


It’s Spring!
by Wilfred Kozub

Alive in the air
I’m starting to feel alive

The lifeblood is running
The lifeblood is running
The lifeblood is running and I feel alive
There’s life in the air . . . yeah, I just feel alive!

Spring is coming
Where was it going? Flickers returning, Peregrines calling
Water is rolling first thing in the morning

Must have left something behind.

Wish it could always be spring
Wish it could always be spring

Alive in the air
The lifeblood is running
Yeah, alive in the air – feeling good!
And the lifeblood is running

Spring is coming . . . where was it going?
That it had to come back again?
Must have left something behind
That it needed to return to find

Robins returning, Peregrines preening
Primrose predicting first thing in the morning

Spring is coming . . . Spring is coming! . . .
It’s Spring!
Birds are singing
It’s Spring!
Spring. Wish it could always be spring
Wish it could always be spring

Copyright, ©, 2016, by Wilfred Kozub/Zönik Music Productions (SOCAN)