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Right Under Your Nose

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I don’t know why this song reminds me of Supertramp, but it does. And I’m ok with that because I like them a lot – melodic and interesting. That’s more or less what I go for as well. In this song, I was thinking about how you can spend your whole life looking for something better but not really know what that something is. Meanwhile, you might be missing the goodness in your life that is right there available to you. I also realize that, for me, it’s important to pay attention to the beauty and uniqueness of everything around you . . . and that goes for the sounds of your world, too. This song started as a simple vocal and piano piece that I was fond of playing around home. When I got to recording it, I found some good rhythms and I put together the music bed, starting with the wurly piano sound. The instrumental section with the trumpet is something I stole from myself. It was originally supposed to be a tag idea for my song The Rain, but when I was recording that song in my original studio with my Otari analog recorder, the tape spilled off the reel before I could finish the song. I had to end it early. I did hang onto that melodic instrumental idea with the trumpet sound in it, though, and I found that it worked perfectly in this song.

Credits: I set up the basic tracks and sang my vocal parts. That’s me on my Firebird guitar with tremolo and delay. Jamie Philp added some surprising and refreshing sparks of Hohner Steinberg guitar for me, and Daryl Kozub (Mrs. K!) added the cool spoken word “follow your nose” parts.


Right Under Your Nose
by Wilfred Kozub

When you’re searching for something
And you never quite can find it
You look out every window
And it just isn’t there

You’re feeling down and empty
Or maybe you’re lost and lonely
When everything you wanted
Was right under your nose

Right under your nose, right under your nose
Right under your nose, right under your nose

Waiting for the good weather,
A better life or whatever
You’re only going to find it
Right under your nose

When life is full of worry
And you want to make it better
You find the one who was there for you (follow your nose)

No wonder I have missed you
I never shoulda dissed you
Now I just want to kiss you

Right under your nose

Right under your nose, right under your nose
Right under your nose, right under your nose

Copyright, ©, 2012, by Wilfred Kozub (SOCAN)